"Our Family" Gift-Prints

"Our Family" Gift-Prints
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Price: $9.95


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"OUR-FAMILY" Gift-Prints are unique and thoughtful gifts for any family you know.  They feature the family's last name, the parent's names, the children's names and even the family pet's name if they have one. 

BACKGROUND CHOICES:  You can choose any background you see pictured above when you order.

SIZE: They're 8 1/2" x 11" and printed on heavyweight glossy photo paper.* 


E-MAILED "OUR-FAMILY" Gift -Prints are only $9.95 and you print these yourself.  They include our beautiful background designs and you'll receive your order on the same day we receive it. 

PRINTED "OUR-FAMILY" Gift-Prints are only $13.95 with FREE shipping, and we ship them on the same day we receive your order.

LAMINATED "OUR-FAMILY" Gift-Prints are only $16.95 with FREE shipping. (They feature easel-stands on the back and we ship these on the same day we receive your order).

*PLEASE NOTE: Frames are not included and laminated "Name-Poems" don't need a frame. (The non-laminated versions will fit perfectly into any standard document or certificate frames which are available at Dollar-Tree and Wal-Mart).    

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