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Vanity-Plate Key-Chains, Magnets, Mini-Plates and Prints

Vanity-Plate Key-Chains, Magnets, Mini-Plates and Prints
Price: $4.95


Our personalized “VANITY-PLATE" Magnets, Key-Chains, Mini-Plates and Prints make great low-cost gifts, and each one features your choice of wording!  (Several samples are above but we have all states, some older ones and Canadian plates too! To see all of our plates, click here.) 

IMPORTANT:  All of our items ARE DECORATIVE , FUN ITEMS AND NOT FOR USE ON CARS!  Also, the plates on our sample page show you all of the plates that we have. (Some might be the current plates for your state or province and some are not, but the ones you see are the only ones we use when we add your wording!)

PRICES and DESCRIPTIONS: Please call Steve at (561) 495-4042 with any questions.

10" x 5" "Vanity-Plate" sent to you by e-mail. Print it yourself on any color printer and frame it or mount it and put it on display!  Only $4.95 

10" x 5" "Vanity-Plate" printed by us on high-gloss photo paper and shipped to you, only $9.95 with FREE shipping.  

10" x 5" "Vanity-Plate" printed by us and laminated in heavy 10 mil lamination. (Includes a small display easel attached to the back.)  Only $12.95 with FREE shipping.

Our Mini-Plate is 6" x 3" and laminated in heavy 10 mil plastic and perfect for bikes, trikes, wagons and more!  Only $6.95 with FREE shipping. 

"Vanity-Plate" Key-Chain is 3 1/2" x 2" (same size as a business-card) and sealed inside a heavy acrylic key-chain. Only $8.95 with FREE shipping. 

Our "Vanity-Plate" Magnet is 6" x 3" and laminated and features a strong magnet on the back so it will stay wherever you place it. Only $6.95 with FREE shipping.  

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