“Fantasy Magazine- Covers"

“Fantasy Magazine- Covers"
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Price: $9.95


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Now you can have your photo and wording on the cover of a magazine for as little as $9.95. (Pictured above are only a few of the thousands we've done and almost all of our customers have ordered again!)

We create our great covers using any original magazine titles that you send us, but we are not allowed to use the names of any popular magazines.

They're 8" x 10" and feature your photo, any main headline, any date, and the names of up to 3 personalized articles. (Photos must be sent to us online and our order-form makes this very easy!) For more info on sending the best photo possible, click here.

Unlike many other magazine-cover websites, we don't expect you to create your cover yourself. Instead, our artists do all the work for you, and we GUARANTEE you’ll be happy with your cover or we’ll send you a full refund! (We've NEVER been asked to send one yet!)

If you're ordering a printed or laminated cover, we always e-mail you a proof to approve before we complete and send your cover. (Proofs usually are sent on the same day we receive your order.)

If we send your cover by e-mail and you print it yourself, (usually on the same-day you order), only $9.95.
If we print it on high-gloss photo-paper and send it to you, only $14.95 (including shipping)
If we print it on high-gloss photo-paper and laminate it, only $19.95 (including shipping)
*Frames are not included.

NEED HELP? Please call Steve at (561) 495-4042.

Personalize and Purchase

How would you like your Magazine-Cover sent? (make sure you click the arrow at the end of this line to change the line so it tells us how you want it sent to you)
If you would like a date on the cover, please enter it here.
What title should we use for your magazine? (4 words maximum and send only original titles)
To send your cover photo, (JPG ONLY), click "browse" to search your hard-drive and "open" when you find the photo you want us to use. (For more photo info click on "photo-tips" near the top of this page)
What wording would you like for the main headline beneath the photo? (10 words maximum)
If you'd like to personalize the names of 1, 2 or 3 articles on the cover, add name of first article here (8 words maximim)
If you'd like a second article, enter wording here (8 words max)
If you'd like a third article, enter wording here (8 words max)
ONLY IF YOU ARE ORDERING THE PRINTED OR LAMINATED VERSION, please enter the name and full mailing address here
ONLY IF YOU ARE ORDERING THE E-MAILED VERSION OF THIS ITEM, please enter the e-mail address here
IF YOU ARE ORDERING THE E-MAILED VERSION and want it sent to a second e-mail address, enter it here
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