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Our "NAME-HISTORY" prints are perfect for children or adults. They describe the history, meaning and derivation of someone's first name and we can include their lucky numerology numbers if you wish. (We can add your personal greeting at the bottom too.)

These are not our "Name-Poem-Stories" (A is for adorable, L is for laughter, etc.)  If you want to order one of these, please click here.

BACKGROUND CHOICES: Click here to see all of our beautiful background designs.  

SIZE: 8" x 10" and if you order the printed version we'll print it on beautiful glossy photo paper. 


E-MAILED "YOUR-NAME'S-HISTORY" gifts include our beautiful backgrounds and are only $4.95. You can print these yourself or simply forward the e-mail we send you to your local Office Depot or Staples store (call them for their e-mail address). They will print it on glossy photo paper for about $1.00 and you can pick it up on the same day we receive your order.

PRINTED "YOUR-NAME'S-HISTORY" gifts are only $11.95 with FREE shipping, and we ship them within 24 hours of receiving your order.  

LAMINATED "YOUR-NAME'S-HISTORY" gifts are only $14.95 with FREE shipping. They feature easel-stands on the back and we ship these within 24 hours of receiving your order.

*PLEASE NOTE: Frames are not included.    

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