If You are scanning a photo that is not already on your hard-drive:
•Scan at 100% of the image size
•Set scanner for at least 300 dpi
•Do not over-crop the image (see below)
•Do not compress the image
•Save as a .jpg

If you are taking a new digital image:

•Take the shot at highest setting
•Save at max quality
•Do not over-crop the image (see below)
•Save at 8x10 size at 300 dpi
•Save as a .jpg

How to convert a photo to a digital image you can save on your hard-drive:
•To scan them yourself, see “If You are Scanning Your Image”
•Go to a photo processor (Kinko’s, Walmart, etc.) and ask them to convert your photo to a digital JPG image.
•Be sure they scan at 100% and save as 8x10 .jpg at 300 dpi.
•Name the image so you can find it again and download it from a CD or memory-card. 
 Save it on your desktop or in a folder on your hard-drive.

How to send us an image that is already on your hard-drive:
•Identify the picture you will use on your local computer
•Re-save as a .jpg (JPG) if it is another format
•Use the “Browse” button on the order-page 
•Find your .jpg image from your computer and click "open"
•Your image will come to us automatically with your order-form 

Cropping Around Your Image:
•Isolate your “target area” into an 8x10 configuration
•Leave as much room as possible around the image or the main subject 
•All magazine covers are vertical orientation (taller than wide)
•If in doubt, don't crop the image

Choosing a Photo:
•Select a sharp, colorful, in focus image
•Make sure your “subject” is facing the front and visible
•Make sure the “subject” is not too close to another person
•Identify the “subject” if your photo has 2 or more people

Special instructions for magazine-cover photos:
•Photo should be large and not cropped.
•Photo will look best if it's in a vertical format. (taller rather than wider)
•If the person that you want featured on the cover is standing with other people, make sure that the other peole are  
 not too close to the main subject. 

Special instructions for "Foto-Toon" photos:
•Follow the instructions above except for one thing.  If you are choosing a "Foto-Toon" for two people,
  their faces must not be touching in the photo you send.

Special instructions for "Funny-Paper" photos:
•Generally the above instructions apply except for one thing.  The "Funny-Paper" photo is much smaller,
  so you do not have to send us a very large photo.  (A smaller one will be fine as long as it's in JPG format.)

Special instructions for "Pet-Gram" photos:
•The above rules apply except for one thing.  Your pet gram will look 100 % better if the pet is
  looking straight at the camera and its mouth is closed.

If you get an error message when sending us an order with a photo you want us to use:
Your photo might be in the wrong format.  In that case, send the order form without the photo and send your photo separately attached to an e-mail.  Send it to